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Ticket info

Ticket number 26548
Context NOC-PoP
Ticket Status Open
Ticket Source GARR
Ticket Type Maintenance
Ticket open time 14/11/2022 17:06
Ticket close time
PoP MI02-Caldera
Affected Link rs1.rm02 -- re1.mi02
re1.mi02 -- rs1.mi01
GEANT IP service [GARR AP] - PoP Milano Caldera
rs1.mi02 -- re1.mi02
rs1.bo01 -- re1.mi02
e2e LHCOPN CERN backup
Peering Google link 1 - PoP Milano-Caldera
Peering Google link 2 - PoP Milano-Caldera
Telia -- PoP Milano-Caldera
Affected Service
Problem description Planned Maintenance
Problem fixer GARR
Problem start 15/11/2022 17:30
Problem end 15/11/2022 18:00
Problem type Fault
Subject [Planned Maintenance] MI02-Caldera
History 14/11/2022 17:06
we need to restart FPC in order to clear a minor alarm. A very short impact should be expected.
Problem fix