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Ticket info

Ticket number 23976
Context NOC-PoP
Ticket Status Close
Ticket Source GARR
Ticket Type Incident
Ticket open time 06/05/2021 12:11
Ticket close time 17/06/2021 14:24
PoP RM02-Tizii
Affected Link
Affected Service
Problem description Problema cosmetico log.
Problem fixer Supplier
Problem start 30/04/2021 07:31
Problem end
Problem type Other
Subject PoP Roma-Tizii
History 06/05/2021 12:11
Aperto ticket vendor. Thread Mail 30/04/2021 17:13, Dmitrii Zelenin Indagini in corso lato vendor
17/06/2021 14:24
Vendor chiude dopo le analisi: Log messages not impacting and can be filtered. Action plan provided
Problem fix Log cosmetici non impattanti, possono essere filtrati