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Ticket info

Ticket number 27918
Context NOC-NetworkServices
Ticket Status Update
Ticket Source GARR
Ticket Type Incident
Ticket open time 06/09/2023 18:21
Ticket close time
Affected Link ECMWF Bologna -- PoP Bologna-Morassutti
Affected Service ECMWF - Bologna
Problem type Degradation
Problem description Slow performance for transfer from ECMWF to meteomatics ( )
Problem fixer Other
Problem start 29/08/2023 09:00
Problem end
Subject ECMWF - Bologna
History 06/09/2023 18:21
Asked for a Garr speedtest from Meteomatics
07/09/2023 19:30
Speedtest and iperf3 results are fine. Issue probably at application level. Waiting for feedback from user
Problem fix