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Ticket info

Ticket number 26861
Context NOC-NetworkServices
Ticket Status Close
Ticket Source GARR
Ticket Type Incident
Ticket open time 25/01/2023 16:09
Ticket close time 27/01/2023 11:22
Affected Link Peering KIAE via MOS
Affected Service Peering KIAE
Problem type Fault
Problem description Peering down
Problem fixer Supplier
Problem start 25/01/2023 12:39
Problem end 25/01/2023 19:51
Subject Peering KIAE
History 25/01/2023 16:09
Aperto tt Kiae
25/01/2023 16:26
There was an emergency situation on the section Warsaw — Grodno of Geneva-Moscow channel. Provider field technical services have been dispatched and are on their way to the site. ETR has been preliminarily designated for 19:00 (UTC).
Problem fix Terminati lavori di risoluzione